Till startsidan

What is Sticka! Sveriges stickförening?

Sticka! is the imperative Knit! in Swedish. Sticka! is a non-profit organization based in Sweden for anyone interested in knitting. The organization was founded in March 2004. Its aims are to promote knitting, protect old knitting techniques and traditions, and to provide connections between members within the organization.
Sticka! is a nationwide organization with local groups throughout the country. The local groups organize events related to knitting: knitting cafes, workshops, excursions etc. As a member in Sticka! you are a part of a network of other people interested in knitting. Our website www.sticka.org is the center for dissemination of information to our members and it contains lots of information and activities available only to members, including a quarterly newsletter with commentaries, book reviews, patterns, and more - all about knitting! Sticka! is also represented on Ravelry and on Facebook.
Since Sticka! is a Swedish organization, the language used is Swedish. We provide here, to our foreign guests, some of our freely available patterns translated into English. 

Lace Scarf Mist

Shawl for my MIL